How to Use (video)

How to Use – Lacing Instructions

Before Your Start:

* Install the laces while your foot is in the shoe
* DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN when you first install the lace
* You must stretch the lace to collapse the knot

Watch the Lacing Video

Once installed and properly adjusted for a comfortable fit…
Never Tie Your Shoe Laces Again!


picture 1

1. Insert lace tip through eyelet.
2. Grab lace tip (A) and a section of lace side (B). Stretch lace to collapse knots (picture 1). While stretched, feed the lace through the eyelets until the desired section of lace has been reached. Gently release the lace and knots will reappear.
3. Repeat the operation step by step.


picture 2

* Lace your shoe loosely to start.
* Leaving more knots between eyelets will produce a looser fit.
* Leaving less knots between eyelets will produce a tighter fit.
* For best performance allow some give in the lace. (picture 2)

What to do with the lace tips?




Knot & Cut