Upon first glance of receiving your new laces, the unique design and structure may look a little alien to you. That’s ok. Xtenex has already thought about that and has uploaded a video for you on their website, demonstrating the proper way to lace your shoes with your new athletic shoelaces.

The process is actually quite simple. The patented knots are designed to straighten out as you put tension on them and then knot up again once the tension is released. This amazing feature allows you to customize the tension you feel between each and every eyelet on your shoe.

Since each foot is different is structure, you can customize the tension, tightening it where you need it and backing off where you don’t. These revolutionary athletic shoelaces will keep your foot firmly, but comfortably in place while running, jumping, kicking, and every other activity you can think of.

Xtenex wants to make sure that your experience with your new laces is easy and comfortable. So you can simply head over to their website and check out the free video posted their about how to lace up your shoes and get the most from your new Xtenex laces.