Our athletic shoelaces are great for runners. They are used by athletes of all levels to get an advantage in training and competition, but what about injured runners? Most serious runners are plagued by foot injures at sometime in their life. So, what if there was a way to recover from foot injuries faster and get your running form back to the way it used to be before the injury. Our laces are a way that injured runners have been making faster recoveries and returning stronger than before.

Athletic Shoelaces Correct Running Form

After a foot injury many runners come back and have a tendency to try to baby the injury and in doing so sacrifice their running form. Shoes with regular cotton laces can cause pain with each step making coming back from an injury very difficult. Our elastic laces provide great support and work to cushion each step, which allows recovering runners to run normally and without pain.

Athletic Shoelaces Correct Foot Movement

Many running injuries are caused by improper foot movement and form. People with high arches or flat feet often have more stress on the metatarsal area when using regular cotton laces. This unnatural stress on their feet causes a multitude of injuries including plantar fasciitis. Our unique lace design prevents your athletic laces from slipping and loosening, which provides even pressure and allows the foot to move the way it was intended to. With correct form your feet will heal faster than before when coming back from an injury.