Looking for the best possible performance from your athletic equipment? Triathlon laces might be just what you need, and you might be pleasantly surprised at how a good set makes training and events so much more rewarding and enjoyable. If you have been using the same old standard laces foe a while now and are looking to enhance performance, a new set of triathlon laces might be exactly what you need.

Triathlon laces are also called by various other names, including ‘lock laces’, ‘speed laces’, ‘elastic laces’, and more. They are generally made from high-quality rubber, with a series of knots throughout the length of the laces. When inserting the laces into the eyelets of the shoes, they should be stretched out in order to allow segments of the laces through. Once the pull is relaxed, the knots keep the laces in place.

It sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is as the principle is very simple. Nevertheless, when you see it in action, you will definitely appreciate how useful this simple innovation is. The end result is a shoe that is more secure and provides a snugger fit, but remains easy to tie and unite. In fact, triathlon laces essentially make your shoe a ‘slip-on’, since you practically will never have to mess around with shoelaces ever again.

One of the best things about these types of shoelaces is that they maintain an even tension throughout the length of the shoe. With traditional shoelaces made out of cotton, there is a tendency for some sections of the laces to get bunched up. This can result in a loose toe area and a tight top area that cannot be adjusted quickly in the middle of a sporting event. Precious seconds can be lost getting your equipment to work in the manner that it was supposed to in the first place. You can avoid this problem by opting for triathlon laces instead of the standard issue laces that came with your shoes.

Nowadays, you can find triathlon laces virtually anywhere, including your local malls, sporting good stores, athletic equipment suppliers, and the like. However, you might have access to a better selection and get better prices by shopping online. Some company offer considerable discounts on certain brands if you purchase from them–or an affiliated retailer–directly, and you could save a several dollars off the mall price. Buying online is also the better option if you want to buy in bulk, which is a good idea if you want to have a few dozen sets lying around at all times or if you want to give some away (hint: triathlon laces make for great gifts for the athletes in your family!)

With so many interesting and truly impressive developments in athletic equipment design, triathlon laces may not get the attention that they deserve. Nevertheless, they are just as essential for ensuring comfort, stability, and high performance as any other element of your equipment, and they are definitely worth the investment.

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