Most people who suffer from foot pain and discomfort automatically blame their shoes but it may actually be caused by your shoe laces. The laces of a shoe have a much bigger impact on comfort, support, and shoe ergonomics than most people realize. So before you throw out your old shoes and buy new ones consider trying a pair of our ergonomic elastic laces.

Our Xtenex patented laces have incrementally spaced knots along a rubber core. The knots once locked in the eyelets of the shoe stay in place providing constant support, and even pressure throughout each foot. The fit is customizable to your individual needs so if you are planning to go for a run and want a tighter fit all you have to do is pull additional knots though the eyelets of the shoe. Inversely if you want to loosen while relaxing you can easily release the knots for a looser fit.

The reason this can make such a difference even on an old pair of shoes is that as shoes wear out their structure weakens making people inadvertently tie their cotton laces tighter. This in turn causes uneven pressure on certain parts of the foot especially the metatarsal area and the inner part of the arch. The constant uneven pressure can lead to many common causes of foot pain.

With a pair of our elastic shoe laces the elastic stretches allowing the pressure to be dispersed through out the entire foot, keeping even an old pair of shoes feeling supportive and comfortable. So, next time instead of buying a new pair of shoes try a pair of our ergonomic laces.