Why Xlaces?

What makes Xlaces special?

Traditional and even many elastic laces work with the idea in mind that your foot is symmetrical and one size throughout the day. The reality: as the day goes along, and in periods of intense activity, your non-symmetric foot naturally swells. As this happens, standard laces tend to irritate the tendons or even crush the bones at the top of your foot and restrict blood flow.  ​

Enter Xtenex Xlaces, an asymmetric lacing system that allows you to make adjustments in tension between each set of eyelets. Instead of one central point in which your shoes are held together, each “knot” in a pair of Xlaces is an anchor point and opportunity to fine-tune the fit of your shoes. The elastic in the lace stretches to eliminate pressure and binding when your feet swell.

Slip on your shoes and install the laces by stretching the lace on each sides of the eyelet. This collapses the knots, making it easier slide through. Set the tension according to what is comfortable to you. We recommend being able to stretch the lace up about 1.5″(inches) between each set of eyelets. When the tension is released, the knots will reappear and anchor at each eyelet.

Xlaces were originally designed with the intention of eliminating the need to tie children’s shoes. On a snowy winter day, a father of two was confronted with the difficulty of double knotted, frozen, twisted cotton laces and knew there had to be a better way.
The product, then knows by the original name “Knotty Boy”, found their start at a school store, as well as a few specialty footwear stores, in Denver, Colorado
Eventually the name was changed to Xtenex Xlaces and word got out in the triathlon and marathon communities and became a much loved lace replacement due to their ease of use and effectiveness. Now Xlaces are a worldwide patented product being used for every purpose, from athletes confronting the most difficult of training sessions and performance, to seniors and children.
There may be imitations of the technology, but anyone who has tried Xlaces knows there is really only one, truly effective, self-knotting, no-tie, bump lace.


Xtenex laces come in multiple sizes and styles. For the most part a 30″ length works great in most adult shoes and the 20″ for children’s shoes. This varies depending on the number of eyelets and type of shoe but for the most part these are safe options. Boots would typically use a 40″ length.

The X-Series is the original series. Used by those demanding optimal performance, the X-Series is truly a lace it and forget it option. The flared knots must be collapsed by stretching the lace to install and make adjustment, as they will not simple pull through.

The XH-Series is an everyday general use option, the one we recommend for the vast majority of our customers. Featuring small, tapered knots, the XH is easy to install and adjust.

The XF Flat lace is a sleek and effective option for dress shoes and other low profile shoes.