Xtenex shoe laces have been shown to improve the natural foot movement when compared with standard cotton laces. Here are some of the benefits runners can expect from switching to a pair of our elastic laces:

Pressure Point Relief

Normal cotton laces and even standard elastic laces often shift when you are running causing increased pressure in certain areas and leaving other areas without the proper support. Our laces knotted design prevents the laces from moving and slipping through your shoe’s eyelets. This provides constant tension and great support for the entire foot, which eliminates pressure point pain.

Allow for Foot Swelling

Most people don’t realize that the average foot swells anywhere from10% to 20% during a run due to increased blood flow to the area. Normal cotton may feel great when you initially tie them but as you run they do not stretch to accommodate natural foot swelling. Elastic laces like ours expand up to twice their normal length to accommodate foot swelling, which maintains constant support and even pressure throughout your run.

Lower Risk Of Runner’s Toe

Runner’s toe is an extremely painful condition that is often caused solely by shoelaces. What happens is as you run the upper laces near the ankle tighten allowing room in the toe of the shoe. This allows the foot to slip to the back of the shoe then slam into the toe of the shoe with each step. Our shoe laces eliminate this by never slipping and keeping even pressure from the toe to the ankle.