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  • Xtenex Laces are the best elastic laces in the world and are popular are a popular choice for any shoe style.


ACCUFIT Compression Laces

ACCUFIT Compression Laces™ feature enlarged (auto-blocking) knots that can be manually reduced in diameter size by stretching the lace apart where the reduction is needed, either for lacing or adjustment, release to set your compression preference. Knots create an adjustable compression zone between each set of eyelets to provide a tuned ergonomic fit. XTENEX® (indeXed-TENsioning-nEXus) is a worldwide-patented elastic shoelace technology that produces adjustable tension between shoe eyelets.

Benefits of Xtenex® ACCUFIT Laces

  • Aid in reducing painful footwear binding and foot fatigue caused by lace migration and natural foot swelling.
  • Provide ergonomic lace expansion to relieve pressure from natural foot swelling and aids healthy blood circulation to your feet.
  • Provide your feet with all-day active fit, support and comfort; compression elasticity provides fast recovery of footwear support systems while enhancing all-day performance and comfort. Pull footwear on, Slip footwear off.

What Makes XTENEX® ACCUFIT Professional Series Laces Different?

At XTENEX® we set out to create athletic shoelaces that was superior to cotton laces in every way. Cotton laces have basically remained unchanged since they were first created. The problem with cotton laces is that they do not stretch or move with your feet, making them a poor choice for runners and athletes. Over time runners who use cotton laces will experience increased foot pain and an increased risk of injury.

Xtenex X-Series Laces - No Tie Laces

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