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“A friend gave me a pair of these laces. I tried them and immediately loved them. I used the laces all year including the Olympics!!! Simply the best product. I’m not sure I want my competition to know such a simple thing can make such a big difference to comfort and fit of the shoes. A lot of companies have tried to make a lace like this. You are the first one to get it right.”

Simon Whitfield / 2008 Olympic Triathlon Silver Medalist – Canada

“I was skeptical initially about how an elastic lace would work on technical trails and hilly terrain. Once I got the tension set perfectly for my foot the laces were fantastic. My shoes were easy to get on and off, they held my foot very securely, and I forgot I was wearing them even on the most demanding section of the trail.
As a Physical Therapist who works in a very active town where I treat many athletes, I look forward to some of my patients using these laces. My elite athletes will appreciate the performance of Xtenex laces in race situations.
But, my patients will benefit the most because the laces are so adjustable allowing them to accommodate for pain and pressure points. The Xtenex lace is the first elastic lace I will recommend to my patients with foot pain due to their easy and effective adjustability.”

Charlie Merrill, MSPT / ALTA Physical Therapy

“Thank you and the Xtenex team for providing a shoe lace system that is superior to any other lacing system out there. I have tried just about all other lacing systems available and I have to say Xtenex stands above the rest. There are no plastic pieces to adjust which makes lacing up shoes that much easier. I can adjust each shoe exactly how tight or loose I want them. With the “knots” in the laces I can adjust tension to get that specific and individual fit with ease. As a triathlete this was particularly helpful during transition. It allowed me to put on my shoes in T2 faster than I ever have before, saving precious time! THANK YOU!!!!!”

Xavier Molina / West Orthopedics-San Francisco, OrthoFix, Inc

“The knots allow you to adjust the tension between each set of eyelets to the exact mold of your foot and to create separate tension zones along the entire lacing system. The knots will continue to maintain that exact setting. Conventional laces only have one tension level at the bow end. One of the disadvantages of using conventional laces is that when your body temperature rises, your feet swell up and get compressed by the laces and when the temperature drops, your laces become loose. Ordinary elastic laces avoid foot compression. But there is a disadvantage. When you initially tie up your shoe lace, you set it to the mold of your foot. However, after a short period of activity the lace loses its grip and finally ends up with the shoe having only one tension level, similar to conventional laces. Xtenex has finally come up with the ideal solution.”

Fred Hoffman / 2007 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the year

“I have to say I was pretty skeptical when I first entertained the idea of an elastic lace. The thought of not tying my shoes to go for a run seemed far reaching. I have a narrow heal and I always struggle to get just the right fit so my heel doesn’t slip, but also I don’t want to constrict the top of my foot by tying my laces too tight. After trying the Xtenex Laces I was surprised and thrilled with the performance and feel. My heel did not slip at all and the top of my foot felt great. As a Running/Walking store owner, our goal is to get a perfect fitting shoe for our customers and the Xtenex Laces have helped us achieve that goal. Ultimately a shoe that fits better performs better. As we strive to fit a customer in the appropriate shoe for their particular needs structurally, we also balance that with finding a shoe that fits their foot type. Given the versatility of Xtenex Laces we are able to maneuver the laces to get a truly custom fit and thus the shoe performs better.”

Alan Culpepper / 2000 & 2004 Olympic Distance Runner – USA

“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve taken your laces for a few runs now and I have to say it’s without a doubt the best lacing system I’ve ever tried. I’ll never use anything else again. You guys are going to get a fantastic review. They’ll definitely be on my kicks at Oceanside 70.3 next weekend.
… Seriously great product!”

Brad Culp / Editor Triathlete Magazine

“I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your Xtenex laces. My husband, children and I have been using them for the past few months and now we can’t imagine being without them. I recently placed an order for the whole family, as I feel the product is so good. As a physical therapist, I’ve seen other variations of shoe laces but I never had any personal interest in using them. I now recommend Xtenex laces to patients, family and friends. Thanks for a great product.”

Judy Culbertson

“I like these laces because they are comfortable, easy to use, will never come undone and will save me seconds in the transition. Xtenex will help me be first out onto the run every time and help me be first to the finish. With Xtenex, there is no plastic piece on the top of the arch of the foot. There is no relying on a plastic piece holding my shoe tight. My foot is long and the tension stays throughout the length of the lace because of the knots. With other elastic laces I have to do the whole lace up super tight so shoe doesn’t slip.”

Matty Reed / 2008 US National Champion Triathlete

“Xtenex [laces] really are a wish come true. I have often struggled with the tension of elastic laces – have them too tight and you can’t get your race flats on, too loose and you can’t run without sliding around! Xtenex eliminates these issues by allowing different tensions throughout the lacing. More importantly this customized fit means you don’t get the associated hot spots or rubbing you can have with other laces.”

Pip Taylor / Pro Triathlete – Australia

“I cannot believe what a big difference a small thing like shoelaces can make in my life! I don’t have to keep tying my 4 year old daughter’s shoes all day long, anymore; she can simply slip her shoes on herself. They are functional and fun and I love the way they save my time and my back! Plus my children aren’t tripping on their shoelaces any more.”

Dina Kemp

“I teach doctors about feet, gait, and orthotics that treat athletes around the world at every level. I look for products that give an advantage of time or function that I can rely on. The Xtenex shoe lace is one of those products. It combines the flexibility of Stretch, Strength, Stability and Security to a shoe that you only have to tie once. The collapsible knot technology is great for Triathletes or anyone who does not want to keep tying shoe laces but wants their shoe to just slip on.”

Kevin G. Hearon, D.C.

“I’d like to thank you for introducing my patients and me to your product. I’ve not been enthusiastic, in the past, about elastic shoe laces; however, with your imaginative modification to the laces, I have become an endorser. The Xtenex laces do not slip, keeping the heel in the proper shoe location and not causing the toes to encroach into the end of the toe box. These laces also do not damage the Dorsal Medial Cutaneous Nerves of the instep. My patients with severe arthritis, post surgery laminectomy or spinal fusions find these laces quite convenient. Again, thank you from my patients and me; keep up the good work.”

Michael A. Goldman, D.P.M. / Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic

“I work out on a treadmill several times a week. A friend of mine asked me to try some Xtenex shoelaces. I have to admit, I didn’t even realize my athletic shoes were uncomfortable until I tried these laces. The first realization was how much time it was taking to get my shoes on and tied properly. With Xtenex, my shoes just slipped on and fit snugly. During my work out, I noticed that my shoes did not feel loose at all. The laces held them snugly on my feet while not being too tight anyplace. Although feeling snug, the Xtenex shoelaces allowed my feet to move naturally without binding or restricting them. I recommend these shoelaces for everyone who wears lace–up shoes. In fact, it might be a reason to start wearing lace–up shoes!”

Steve Golden

“I just chatted with someone from customer service who was asking about why orders are coming in from Seattle.  This is what was in our local magazine insert in the Sunday paper of the Seattle Times.

“My son is special needs and these laces will be a game changer for him. It will mean being able to wear regular shoes and not having to search high and low for Velcro shoes that are still cool for a middle schooler. Thanks so much.”

Beth Shanaman / Dietitian, Registered Nutrition

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