XTENEX® Safety Products

Because of the unique patented design of XTENEX® lace products, were were asked to provide a shorter version of our popular X Series laces to allow patients, being admitted into a behavioral health environment, a safe and secure way to keep their own footwear on without their regular shoe laces. Many facilities have anti-ligature initiatives and were seeking a solution that could replace shoe laces but allow the patient to be able to function as if their shoes were tied. The self-blocking spheres on the XTENEX lace, combined with its natural rubber core, allow a 5″ lace to create a snug a secure fit by creating an adjustable elastic closure across the top of a patients footwear secured at the eyelets.

The success of the shorter XTENEX laces prompted another request which was how can the Xi lace be used to replace belts. With some procedures calling for the removal of belts from pants, trousers or shorts some facilities were utilizing nylon zip ties to pull together belt loops, but this method was not very comfortable and offered no flexibility for the wearer. XTENEX offered two solutions; one was to utilize zip ties with an eyelet hole that could be attached to a belt loop, then trimmed and securing the belt loops with an Xi4.05 lace. This 5″  lace it a bit thicker than the Xi3.05 and has more resistance so it creates a true “elastic waistband”. The rubber core allows the belt replacement to act like an elastic waistband that can more with the person wearing it and keep their trousers or pants secure. The other belt replacement option is the XTENEX Tether Tab™. This system was developed to provide a softer, less rigid, way to attach the Xi4.05 lace between two belt loops. The tab simply is wrapped around the belt loop and the lace attached to each tab. The ballistic nylon tether tabs are strong but because they are a fabric the cannot cause any injury if they come in contact with another patient.

XTENEX® elastic cord products can be configured or redesigned to create any type of fitting solution that may be needed to create a safer environment. Since the laces require no tying, they can be used to replace laces where an untied shoelace could present itself as a fall hazard. The self blocking spheres create a secure lock for lanyard applications and can work as a replacement for any application that requires something to be tied together.

XTENEX Safety products offer a ligature and fall prevention solution that can aid in the care of the elderly, care and safety in behavioral health facilities and even in rehabilitation application where tying a shoe on a patient is difficult and being able to create a pull on/ slip off version of tradition lace up footwear makes things just that much easier for care givers and patients.

Watch the video to see easy it is to replace laces or belts with XTENEX Safety Products.