The first COMPRESSPORT® trail running back-pack.
The ultra-minimalist benchmark for ultra-long distances.
Ultra-light, ultra-comfortable and maximum capacity…
It is the ideal trail running back-pack for running from 10 to 200 km !

An ingenious tightening/untightening system
In order to avoid damages and difficult opening/closing when it is cold the tightening/untightening system at the front is carried out instantaneously by means of an automatic Xtenex ® shoelace. In this way, the back-pack adapts itself to the runner’s stoutness and it allows an optimum maintenance. It is very comfortable both uphill and downhill, it does not disturb breathing no matter the rhythm and speed of the stride. No bouncing on fast downhills.

Ultra-light and minimalist
Ultra-light materials inspired by hang gliders. Extra extendable mesh pockets that can quadruple their volume and at the same time prevent bouncing. Removal of all unnecessary accessories: no heavy buckles, no zips that catches, no reinforcement.

Ultra comfort
The ergonomic design has been created to allow the runner to create complete comfort for races of 100km plus, without irritations or pressure on sensitive points like the elbows, trapezius or the back. It is worn very high, like a bra. In this way it prevents from any bouncing on the lower back and it assures a maximum comfort even when the back-pack is full of all the obligatory equipment required for an Ultra-trail runner.

Ventilation 360º
No overheating because of its light weight structure. This boosts the exchange of air inside/outside as well as a 360º ventilation.

Max capacity
10 ergonomic pockets thought to carry the 3 indispensables :
Water, Energy and Obligatory Equipment

Water : up to 4 litres without tossing
1) At the front:
2 x 500 ml soft flasks or 2 x 750 ml rigid bottles. A direct and useful access.

At the back:
2) 1 soft flask of 650 ml placed horizontally. This astute way allows taking your bottle without removing the back-pack. Very useful during the supplies to fill the bottle in.
3) 1 water pocket of 1,5 l

Energy : for a perfect autonomy
At the front: 2 mesh pockets for gels, bars, telephone, front lamp … with revers in order to lose nothing. These flat pockets, very elasticated, mold perfectly the contents avoiding in this way any unpleasant bouncing. (Tested on home-trainer at 18km/h)
On the sides: 2 mesh pockets for gels, bars, rubbish…

Mandatory Equipment: run safely
At the front: On the closure system, the whistle is within easy reach.
At the back: 2 big pockets that allows an optimal organization of the mandatory equipment.
In the first one, the priority equipment, easy to reach (lamps, telephone, tumbler…)
In the second one, the equipment that is not much used (clothes, survival blanket, elastic band, knife/scissors…)

Important details
Bracket for 3 batons – Batons are fixed on the side in the blink of an eye before attacking the big downhills. The inclination is calculated in order not to get injured in case of fall.

Easy and quick upkeep – Machine-washable, it dries in 15 minutes.

Easy to put away – It folds into itself and it takes no space.


“What I prefer of this back-pack is its lightness! The material is also well selected; it is flexible and allows the back-pack to really hold a lot of things while it adapts itself perfectly to the shape of the back, which makes it very comfortable.”
Yeray Duran – 1st placeMaratón del Meridiano 2015

“Yes, this back-pack is great! Light, it dries quickly, beautiful material, Nice colours, astute pockets for the flasks and batons, resistant…”
Fernanda Maciel – 1st placeThe North Face Transgrancanaria 2012
– 1st placeThe North Face Sty Ultra Trail Mont Fuji 2012
– 1st placeEverest Trail race, 2013
– 2nd place World Circuit Ultra Trail World Tour
–World Championship 2014

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