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The first COMPRESSPORT® trail running back-pack with XTENEX®

The first COMPRESSPORT® trail running back-pack. The ultra-minimalist benchmark for ultra-long distances. Ultra-light, ultra-comfortable and [...]

IRONMAN World Champion 2013

Again this year, the Deinze (BE) Half Triathlon will be my last competitive race in [...]

Active Brands – Professional Running Kit

As we notice our distributors efforts in promoting the Xtenex brand and products we are [...]

Ironman Frankfurt

The IRONMAN European Championship in Frankfurt on Sunday July 5th is my next peak race [...]

The Vast Universe Of Shoe Laces

  When was the last time you thought about your shoe laces? If you are [...]

Tips For Getting The Right Shoelaces

Looking for the right shoelaces but don’t know where to begin? You have come to [...]

Cool Shoelaces – Kick Your Kicks Into Gear!

Cool shoelaces might just be the quickest way to jazz up your wardrobe! Sneakers are [...]

Athletic Shoelaces – Performance And Style Combined

Not many people give thought to their athletic shoelaces, but they are actually some of [...]

Elastic Shoelaces – Taking Shoelace Tech To The Next Level

If you are like most people, elastic shoelaces may have never even registered on your [...]

High-Performance With Triathlon Laces

Looking for the best possible performance from your athletic equipment? Triathlon laces might be just [...]