Looking for the right shoelaces but don’t know where to begin? You have come to right place! Here we offer a bunch of tips and general information that will help you figure out what qualities to look for in an ideal shoelace. We also present you with some important considerations to keep in mind when shopping for shoelaces with the hope of making your search that much easier.


Possibly the first and most important consideration is what you will use the shoe for. Someone who is simply planning to walk short distances in an urban setting will obviously have different needs than someone who is looking to run cross country. Figure out what you will be using your shoes most of the time, and plan your purchase accordingly.


Most standard shoelaces that come with your shoes when you buy them–and even shoelaces available on the racks–are made out of natural materials such as cotton or some other fabric. Hemp and jute have also been used, along with a number of synthetic materials and fabrics. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages when used in the context of shoelaces, so you should buy based on your needs as well. For instance, cotton has a tendency to bind and grip, which might seem like a good quality for a shoelace, but will actually make the lacers easier to bunch up and get jammed.

Shoelaces made out of synthetic materials may slip through the holes easily, but may be more challenging to tie securely. You might have better luck by opting for shoelaces that provide a good balance between the qualities of natural and synthetic fibers. You may also go for shoelaces designed with a special combination of materials that ensure maximum comfort, reliability, and performance.


Most shoelaces are designed so that they can be tied at the ends. These are generally appropriate for most needs, but you might want to check out the more recent innovations in ‘quick fasten’ laces as well. Many of these designs feature a curved metal tip that retracts as you push them into the hole. They can also be pushed in order to undo the laces, making for a secure fastening system that makes it easy to remove or put on your shoe. One of the more interesting and novel concepts to have come along in shoelace technology…well, ever!…these shoelaces have numerous applications for use in athletic equipment, and even shoes for the elderly and for children.


Lest not forget about style! For all this talk about innovation and reliability, most people simply expect one thing from their shoelaces, and that is that they look good! The good news is that there is a positively huge market for designer and novelty shoelaces out there, and you can find practically anything that you desire. Whether you are out to make a fashion statement, relieve a certain decade, or display your allegiance to a certain scene with the creative use of shoelaces, you are certain to find something that will echo your unique style and fashion sensibilities.

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