Xtenex Triathlon Laces Are Worldwide

The Xtenex system is patented worldwide. Its’ main objective is the relief of painful foot [...]

Xtenex is Amazing for Running Laces – Try Them.

The elasticity of the makeup of Xtenex laces allows the shoe to mold right to [...]

Work Boots and Military Boots Are Great for Elastic Laces!

Work boots, and military boots alike require sturdy elastic laces for safety and comfort. The [...]

Elastic Laces Good For Children’s Shoes

Children should wear laced style shoes for a snug fit, and adequate foot support. They [...]

Xtenex Elastic Shoelaces Has Helped Olympic Athletes Win

From olympic runners, to physical therapists, praises of Xtenex elastic shoelaces run high. Kudos go [...]

The Quality Edge of Xtenex Elastic Shoelaces

Xtenex, “indeXed-TENsioning-NEXus” is actually the mechanics of employing varying degrees of tension, in this case [...]

The x300 Series Are The Best Athletic Shoelaces

The x300 Xtenex model shoelace is the company’s forerunner. It has a universal eyelet size, [...]

The X200 Running Laces are Elastic for Comfort

The Xtenex series x200 shoelace is custom designed for shoes that are made with smaller [...]

Xtenex x400 Series Shoelaces

The basis of Xtenex shoelaces is the elasticity involved. The x400 series shoelaces are especially [...]

MATTY REED wins the 2009 ITU Pan American Triathlon Confederation Championships (PATCO)

U.S. athletes claimed nine medals at the 2009 ITU Pan American Triathlon Confederation (PATCO) Championships [...]