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Xtenex: Cool Shoelaces for Every Occasion

Practicality is great, but fashion is in. In today’s society, fashion is key. So a [...]

Don’t Get Caught with Your Shoelaces Untied: Get Xtenex Laces

We’ve all been there: walking down the street or in our favorite store, when we [...]

Prevent Common Running Injuries: Get Xtenex Running Laces

There are a couple of injuries that plague a lot of runners. Blisters, chafing, and [...]

Experience Undeniable Comfort with Xtenex Elastic Laces

There’s one big problem with shoes these days: lace migration. Lace migration is when the [...]

Improve Your Game with the Best Athletic Shoelaces on the Planet

Being an athlete always carries some threat of danger. The physicality involved with playing sports [...]

Xtenex is the Most Popular Elastic Laces on the Market

Basic foot care includes daily bathing, rinsing, and toweling. Keep toenails trimmed flat, but not [...]

Even the Military Require Sturdy Elastic Boot Laces for Comfort

The military and special ops forces require sturdy boots that our troops can count on, [...]

Our Athletic Shoelaces Will Feel Super Comfortable

“Never tie your shoelaces again.” Since the design is so unique, Xtenex has been patented. [...]

Our Elastic Laces Allow the Wearer to Customize the Fit

Xtenex elastic laces allow the wearer to truly customize the fit of his/her shoes. The [...]

All Runners Should Use Xtenex Elastic Laces!

Shin splints is actually a condition of the front of the lower leg, caused by [...]