There’s one big problem with shoes these days: lace migration. Lace migration is when the shoelaces tend to gradually move to the toe-end of the shoe. There are a couple of major problems that this causes. First, lace migration tightens the shoe around the top of the shoe, cutting off the circulation and prohibiting the foot from swelling naturally when it gets too hot. Second, by tightening the top of the shoe, lace migration actually loosens the shoes around the toes. This causes rubbing and friction that often leads to painful blisters.

But there is a solution to the blight of lace migration: Xtenex elastic laces. These revolutionary laces remain in the same spot no matter how intense the activity that you’re performing. The patented knots in the Xtenex elastic laces disappear when tension is placed on the lace so that they can be easily pulled through the eyelets. Once released, the knots reappear, firmly holding the laces in place.

Your feet are an important part of your body since they are what keep you moving and active. Don’t take chances with the comfort and health of your feet. Go online and see how Xtenex can improve your life, one step at a time.