We’ve all been there: walking down the street or in our favorite store, when we suddenly trip over an unseen assailant. It doesn’t take anything more than a quick investigation to find the culprit, your untied shoelaces.
Not only is it incredibly frustrating, but it’s also ridiculously embarrassing. No one wants to trip over anything, let alone themselves. Luckily, there’s a product out there that will ensure that you never trip over your laces again! Xtenex elastic laces will solve your lace-tripping problems for good.

Xtenex has a patented design that includes little knots that are evenly placed across the entire lace. The knots disappear when you pull the laces through the eyelets, and then reappear when they are allowed to go slack. Once you lace up your shoe, it’s designed to slip on so that you will never have to tie your shoes again. No tying equals no tripping.

Don’t allow yourself to get embarrassed by tripping over your untied shoelaces ever again. There’s only one product on the market that can guarantee you a no-trip, no-fall experience. Hop online and check out Xtenex laces and experience the revolution.

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