Hiking is a strenuous activity that can bring so much joy.  Being out in the great outdoors is a serene experience that can add so much to your life.  But something that’s usually associated with hiking threatens to diminish the joy that a day in the outdoors can bring.  If you don’t have the right elastic boot laces on your boots, your feet will be killing you by the time you reach the end of a long hike.

The wrong laces can migrate on your boots, causing the pressure to become uneven on your foot.  This is especially bad when hiking as you put so much strain on your feet when hiking.  The lack of even pressure on your foot can cause your foot to slide around, forming blisters and hampering your efforts to get back out on the trail.

Uneven pressure can also cause your toes to bang around and bruise in a condition called runner’s toe.  It becomes very painful and will take several days to heal up.  So if you’re going to be heading out to the trail, make sure you bring Xtenex elastic boot laces with you everywhere you go.