Our elastic shoelaces were designed with top-level comfort in mind. If you are a runner or athlete and already wear elastic shoelaces when exercising and running then great you are ahead of the game but why stop there. Your workout probably only lasts about an hour or two per day.

If you are like most people the majority of your day is spent at work, so why should your feet suffer through your 9 to 5 with old-fashioned cotton laces?

A lot of people’s feet hurt after a day of work and few of them stop to realize that it may not be caused by their shoe, but actually their shoelaces. Normal cotton laces do not stretch when you walk forcing your feet to be compressed inside your shoes. This can lead to a lot of pain over the course of a day especially in the arch of your feet. Elastic laces like ours stretch allowing your feet room to move inside your shoes all while still giving you great support.

We have specifically designed shoelaces for every occasion. We have our X100 laces, which are our thinnest lace and when purchased in black can go nicely with a pair of dress shoes for a day at the office. We also carry longer more heavy-duty laces like our X400 that were designed to fit work boots and hiking boots. So no matter what your career is we have the perfect elastic shoelaces to keep your feet feeling great all day.