Lets face it; there is a part of every runner that loves getting new running shoes in the perfect color with cool shoelaces to match. Getting a new pair of running shoes as a runner is like seeing what Santa brought you on Christmas morning when you’re a kid.

We know looking great when you’re running is an important part of the sport. That’s why we are proud to offer a multitude of colors in our unique laces to match almost any running shoe. We have everything from plain black laces to florescent to multi color. No matter your color preference we have a shoelace to suit you. Our laces are also great to show off school pride making them great for high school and college track teams.

The great thing about our colorful laces is that they aren’t just for show. They are built out of high quality elastic to provide the best comfort, durability, and protection when running. Our patented design is like no shoelace you have ever used before. At Xtenex we are challenging what shoelaces have been for many years. Our design is packed full of both style and function making them the most perfect athletic laces ever created and a must for runners of all ages.

So if you are ready to make the switch to a shoelace made with style and packed with benefits say goodbye to your restrictive cotton laces and upgrade to something more exciting. We are Xtenex and we make really cool shoelaces.