Many people suffer from chronic foot pain.  There doesn’t always seem to be a reason for it.  You’ve tried the inserts for arch support and have bought the expensive shoes that are supposed to conform to your foot.  But the pain persists.  What could it possibly be?  There’s a good chance that it could be your shoelaces that are causing you all the problems.

That’s right.  Those little cords that keep your shoes on your feet can do extreme amounts of harm.  In most cases, the pain is caused by something called lace migration.  This is when the laces slip through the eyelets as you walk around, bringing uneven pressure all over your foot.  This can cause cramping, blisters, chaffing, and even something called runner’s toe, which is when your toe bangs against the shoe and suffers pretty bad contusions.

Xtenex has developed shoelaces that eliminate lace migration.  The patented knots on the laces flatten out when you pull them and reappear once pressure is eased.  You can now set the pressure where you want it on your foot in order to maximize comfort.  Go online to find out more!