As a runner, you know that hitting the road is about more than just exercise.  You that it’s about freedom, about clearing your mind of everything else that has happened or will happen that day, focusing only on the task at hand.  The clean, crisp air feels rejuvenating as it enters your lungs.  There’s nothing quite like a good run.

Unfortunately, a lot of runners find themselves sidelined from time to time due to issues with their feet.  Xtenex knows that great running laces help runners stay on the road longer.  Without the proper laces, pressure will shift during your run and can cause painful chaffing and bruising.  The worst case scenario is that the pressure around your toes slackens and allows your toes to slam against your shoe immediately before slamming back into the ground. This causes a painful condition called runner’s toe.

Don’t let painful feet keep you from doing what you love.  Xtenex running laces can keep you running comfortably for longer than you ever thought possible.  Go online and try them today.  Feel the difference of running with no pain.  There’s no need to wait another day!