Whether you are a competitive runner or just a weekend warrior your shoelaces can have a huge effect on your running performance. Running is a very tough sport and even the simplest things can have big effects on performance and your foot health. Many athletes turn to the obvious things like their training program or their running shoes but many people never even consider that their shoelaces could be affecting their performance and leading to pain and even lasting injuries.

Most running shoes and even some of the expensive ones still come with cotton laces, which can really hinder your performance and even lead to pain and injury. Even on a moderate run the feet swell and expand from the blood rushing to that area. When you wear cotton laces they often tighten in certain areas restricting your natural foot movement and swelling causing pain in your feet. Cotton laces can also loosen in the toes while tightening farther up the shoe allowing your foot to move back and forth with each step, allowing your toes to slam into the end of your shoe. These annoying problems can sideline even the best runners.

An easy solution to these performance-hindering problems is purchasing quality elastic shoelaces like Xtenex. Our laces are made specifically with runners in mind. With their unique design they never move or slip when you are running, but at the same time stretch to allow your feet room if any swelling occurs. The result is a pain free and great running experience every time.