There is nothing more embarrassing than tripping over your own running laces during any sort of athletic competition or training. We’ve probably all been there at some time or another. You are happily running along and then like a string ninja your untied laces attack your feet and before you know it you are on the ground. If you are in the middle of a race when your shoes come untied the only choices you have are to stop and tie them sacrificing your time or trudge on and risk taking a face plant.

Tripping over untied shoes is not only incredibly embarrassing but it can also cause injuries. You wouldn’t believe how many runners are injured each year by tripping over their shoelaces. It may sound funny but a trip and fall can cause serious injuries when you are running. Every year hundreds of runners suffer injuries from tripping such as road rash, sprained ankles, and even broken bones.

Luckily Xtenex has designed shoelaces to keep you upright. Xtenex laces don’t need to be tied so you never have to worry about them coming untied. Our patented laces are made from elastic and knotted evenly throughout the lace to ensure they will never move around in your shoes. Our running laces are specifically designed so once you lace your shoe to the desired tension all you have to do is slip them on and off. That means you will never have to worry about embarrassing and potentially dangerous trips again.