Ultrarunners are some seriously tough athletes both mentally and physically so we feel honored that many of them are choosing to use our shoe laces during their training and competitions.

Ultrarunning is basically any race that covers any distance more than a standard marathon, which is 26.2 miles. Some events cover 30 miles, 50 miles, 100 miles, or even have a set times like 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, and even up to 6 days! As you can see these are extremely difficult events both physically and mentally and the Ultra runners that participate in them are some of the toughest, gnarliest athletes on earth.

Most ultra runners pay extreme attention to detail when selecting the gear they use for training and competitions. Everything from their jersey, shorts and underwear are specifically chosen to provide comfort and function when covering extremely long distances. When you are running 100 miles without stopping even the smallest flaw in your gear can cause chaffing, blistering and injury. That is why we are extremely excited ultra runners are choosing our laces.

Our laces are specifically designed to hold up over long distances making them the perfect choice for ultra marathons. Our patented elastic lace design keeps your shoes snug against your feet, which reduces foot impact and prevents your feet from blistering, chaffing, and injury.

Our laces are becoming a standard in ultrarunning and If our shoe laces can make a difference for ultra runners think of all the ways they can help you