At Xtenex we subject our athletic shoelaces to the harshest races and events on earth to ensure that they will not fail you. Our laces are specifically made for athletes in a variety of sports. Athletes in track and field, ultra marathons, mud runs, and everything in between are having great success with our shoelaces.

We have developed laces in different sizes and lengths to accommodate athletes in any sport or activity. Our X100 and X200 are great for basic track running and street running. They will provide great support and comfort on flat ground. If your cup of tea is something a little wilder like mud runs, ultra marathons, or trail running our X300 might be the lace for you. The X300 is thicker, more durable and provides extra support you may need for extreme races.

Our X series laces do not give or break even when exposed to water, mud, ice, or heat. We have challenged athletes in a multitude of sports to try our shoelaces and they are noticing the difference a quality pair of our elastic laces makes. We are even developing a larger shoelace called the X500 that is specifically designed to be used with snowboarding boots. Look for them to launch soon and change the way you tie your snowboarding boots forever.

Be part of the elastic shoelace revolution buy purchasing a pair of our X series laces. Remember, no matter what sport you choose we have the perfect athletic shoelaces to fit you.