Triathletes are pretty tough people, mentally and physically and they might just be a little crazy. I mean what else besides a big of craziness possesses someone to put their body through the torture of a race including running, bicycling and swimming.

For triathletes they need gear that is simple, effective, tough, and just a little unconventional just like they are. Our triathlon laces are the perfect piece of gear for triathletes for one simple reason. They work.

Our elastic laces were designed with extreme athletes in mind. They are strong durable and wont come untied like regular laces. By using our laces it converts your shoe into a slip on meaning you never have to worry about your shoes coming untied during the middle of a race and for triathletes it also allows for quick shoe removal during the transition between running and swimming or biking.

Our unique patented design also solves the problem of lace migration meaning the laces will not move or slip. This means that you will no longer have to worry about your laces tightening near the top of the shoe while leaving little support for the metatarsal area down to the toes. For triathlon runners this can be a huge advantage because it reduces the risk of foot injury while increasing foot comfort and stability.

If you are someone who is into getting the most out of every piece of gear and getting the edge over other competitors you need a pair of our triathlon laces.