Elastic shoelaces are becoming an essential part of gear for every runner, amateur to professional and here’s why:

Running is one of the oldest forms of sport and exercise. You don’t need much gear to do it. All you really need is a pair of shoes, however I do recommend clothes in most cases. Running gear is quickly evolving though. Running shoes, socks, shorts, and jerseys have all greatly improved over the last ten years. They are each designed to be lighter, stronger, provide more comfort, and assist in injury prevention.

Many runners are also now switching over to elastic shoelaces like Xtenex. Elastic laces are now basically considered essential gear for serious runners and everyone from high school track athletes to ultra marathoners are now using them.

The reason so many people are making the change from cotton to elastic is because the benefit is huge. Elastic laces are stronger and more durable than cotton and also provide higher levels of comfort and lower chances of typical running injuries.

Elastic laces like Xtenex lower the risk of typical foot injuries caused by running such as blisters, runner’s toe, chafing, plantar fasciitis, and even sprained ankles. These injuries plague almost every runner at sometime in their life and our laces are designed to help prevent these types of injuries from happening and to help assist in recovery of anyone already experiencing them.

Our elastic shoelaces make for a safer more comfortable run leaving you to only worry about your run and not your foot pain.