It’s weird to think that the laces you choose to lace up your shoes with could actually be causing you harm.  But the truth is, if you’re not using Xtenex running laces, you could be doing serious harm to your foot and putting the running that you love so much in jeopardy.

Runners are especially susceptible to a wide variety of foot problems because of the excessive amount of pressure they put on their feet.  Lace migration can cause uneven pressure on your foot, limiting natural foot swelling and even causing blisters to form.  But the most painful result of lace migration is runner’s toe.  Runner’s toe is a condition in which the toes bang up and down against the shoe, causing swelling, bruising, and pain to the toes.

Runner’s toe is preventable and having the right shoelaces is the key to healthy toes.  By using Xtenex running laces, you can be sure that the pressure on the foot will remain constant and even, providing the environment necessary to keep your toes from banging around and getting hurt.  Go to their website today and see how Xtenex laces can make a difference in your life.