At first glance, no one can deny that Xtenex laces are cooler than most.  Their unique design and versatility make them a true one-of-a-kind.  But there’s more to these laces than their style forward design and epic coolness.  These cool shoelaces serve a practical purpose that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

There’s a problem that tends to happen with most normal shoelaces.  The problem is known as lace migration.  Lace migration is simply where the shoelaces slip through the eyelets, usually tightening towards the top and loosening around the toes.  Initially, this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.  But the loosening laces affect the pressure that is placed on the foot, which in turn can cause problems like blisters, chaffing, redness, and even runner’s toe, a condition in which the toes bang around to the point of bruising and hurting for days on end.

The patented knots that you can find in Xtenex laces are part of what makes them the cool shoelaces that they are.  But they are also what keep the laces from migrating and putting uneven pressure on your toes.  Visit them online today and see how Xtenex laces are much more than they appear.