One-size-fits-all tends to look more like one-size-fits-some.  That style doesn’t really work well with much so you can’t expect it to work well with your shoelaces either.  You need to have some variety in order to make sure that you can get the right lace for the right occasion.  That’s why Xtenex offers their amazing elastic laces in three different styles that can be used for any occasion.


The Xh 200 is the newest style available and is for mid-performance lacing.  These laces are perfect for formal wear and dressier occasions as their thinner design blends right in with the sheikness of formal footwear.


The X200 is designed for the everyday activities in life.  They are perfect for tennis shoes and golf shoes, or just to be worn on your everyday shoes.


The X300 is the biggest and baddest of all the Xtenex elastic laces.  These are for the people who are serious about their sports and put tremendous wear on their footwear and their feet.

Whatever style you might think will fit your purposes will come in a variety of colors to match whatever you put on your feet.  Go online today to check it out.