Running is a strenuous task that puts extreme pressure on your feet.  Since your feet are the most important part of running, it’s important that you treat them as the VIPs they are.  So don’t hit the track without your Xtenex running laces.

The most common ailment that faces runners is runner’s toe.  This is when there is too much freedom at the toe end of the shoe.  This looseness fails to support the toes and lets them bang against the ground and the top of your shoes with every step you take.  This causes bruising and soreness that takes a few days to go away.

But Xtenex running laces have their patented knots which allow you to keep even pressure down by your toes, thereby eliminating the painful condition known as runner’s toe.  Running tough enough as it is, you don’t need painful and swollen toes making it that much harder.  If you’re a serious runner, then you need to have Xtenex laces on every pair of running shoes.  Go to their website and check out why Xtenex laces can make a huge impact in your running and in your comfort.