Dress shoes are not the most comfortable of footwear.  One way to make sure that your feet stay comfortable while staying dressed up is with Xtenex shoelaces.  Xtenex has designed special laces made out of elastic that can help your feet stay comfortable in any formal situation.

The thin little laces that usually adorn dress shoes can easily migrate on your shoe, causing a shift in the pressure on your foot and bringing with it slipping and even cramping of your foot.  It’s bad enough that you have to be all dressed up in stuffy suit and constricting tie, your feet don’t have to suffer as well.  The patented knots in Xtenex laces help to keep the pressure even on your foot, keeping it safe and comfortable in any circumstance.

You don’t have to have sore feet just because you’re wearing dress shoes.  Xtenex shoelaces are specifically designed to keep your feet comfortable and to keep you from suffering from uneven pressure and possibly developing blisters and cramps.  If you’re forced to wear dress shoes for any reason, make sure that Xtenex laces are part of your ensemble.  You won’t regret on minute of it.