Athletes take their sports very seriously.  There is little more important to them than that they are ready to play their best.  All of their equipment is geared towards optimizing their game.  But perhaps the most overlooked piece of equipment would have to be the shoelace.  But shoelaces play a vital role in the sustainability of good athleticism.  Great athletic shoelaces can increase stamina and protect your all-important feet, while bad ones can hurt your feet and take time away from the sports you love.

You see, lace migration is when your laces slip through the eyelets and create an uneven pressure against your foot.  This pressure can lead to blisters and runner’s toe which can take days or even weeks to start feeling better.

The patented knots on Xtenex athletic shoelaces straighten when pulled on and they reform when the laces go slack.  This allows you to customize the tension on the laces, making your shoes fit like they’ve never fit before.  Your shoes will feel as though they were custom tailored to your foot.  Don’t underestimate the power of the shoelace.  Go online and see how Xtenex can improve your game.