Perhaps you’ve already heard some of the hype surrounding elastic laces.  Maybe you’ve heard your favorite athlete talk about them and the profound impact they’ve made on their game.  Or maybe you’ve just seen them in the store and wondered what the big deal was.  The big deal is that Xtenex laces will change your life.

That’s a big statement, but a true on nonetheless.  Shoelaces are directly responsible for some serious foot ailments like bruising, runner’s toe, and blisters.  A process called lace migration happens when the laces slip and slide in the eyelets, creating an uneven pressure inside of the shoe.  This pressure can hamper natural foot swelling and even cause rubbing which leads to blisters.

The patented knots found in Xtenex elastic laces keeps the laces from slipping within the eyelets, providing an even and comfortable shoe wearing experience.  This amazingly revolutionary technology will also completely eliminate those common foot ailments caused by migrating shoelaces.  So it’s not just an empty claim or a bold statement that Xtenex laces will change your life.  Go online today and see what all the hype is about.  Xtenex laces are the only laces you will ever need.