When Xtenex was started our goal was to create shoelaces that could provide comfort in running, sports, and everyday life. Our laces are great for athletes but they can be equally as beneficial for everyday use. That’s why we want everyone from ultra runners to construction workers to know all about the benefits elastic laces can provide.

When you think about of it most people are wearing shoes somewhere around 12 to 14 hours per day. If you are using basic cotton laces you could be missing the shoe comfort you deserve and adding additional stress to your feet. Even if you are in an office all day sitting your cotton shoelaces could be causing foot pain.

Cotton laces once tied do not flex or expand. That means even when relaxing they are putting unnecessary pressure on your feet. Often times after a long day cotton laces will shift, adding even more pressure to areas of your foot it shouldn’t be.

Unlike cotton, elastic shoelaces aren’t restrictive and Xtenex laces are specifically designed to stretch and move with your feet. That means when your foot is relaxed our laces allow your feet to rest without adding unnecessary pressure. Then if you happen to get up and take a brisk walk or run they form to each step adding the perfect amount of support without adding stress on any one area of your foot.

Try one of our several styles of shoelaces for everyday use. Take a look at our store and find the perfect shoelaces for you.