Our elastic boot laces are designed with comfort in mind. We are known for our athletic laces but we also offer longer, thicker and more durable laces that work great in work boots and hiking boots.

If you’re the type of person that wears boots to work everyday you are our kind of person. We love the outdoors and are proud to offer laces that can make the long days a little easier on your feet. Our X400 and X300 series laces were built specifically to provide extreme durability and comfort even when being on your feet all day at work or hiking mountain trails on your days off.

You may be thinking what can Xtenex laces do for me and are they really going to make that much of a difference. Our X300 and X400 lace design makes sure your boot laces aren’t shifting and moving, which is what happens with regular leather or cotton laces. This can put tension on certain areas of your feet and lead to fatigue and foot pain. A lot of people after a long day in boots have some foot pain. Most people assume that it is just their boots and in some cases it might be, but few people realize the huge role your boot laces play in foot comfort.

Try a pair of our elastic boot laces and you will immediately see the difference in comfort and support. They are available in a large range of lengths so you can customize them to fit any boot.