The idea behind our shoe laces came from a man trying to tie his son’s wet cotton laces. He knew there had to be a way to improve upon the design of his son’s laces. After years of trial an error Xtenex laces have become what they are today. They are a preferred lace among professional athletes but they still remain a great choice for children’s shoes and here’s why:

You don’t have to tie them

Our laces are great for kids because you don’t have to tie them or worry about them coming untied. Our laces stretch, which allows your kids to easily take their shoes on and off without any help from their parents. They are also fast, which makes them perfect for active kids. This way if they want to throw on their shoes and run outside with their friends they can do it at the drop of a hat.

They provide support

We know that you want to keep your kids safe and protected from injury when they are playing. A lot of kids get so busy playing their cotton shoe laces can become loose or untied, which can lead to injuries such as tripping or rolling an ankle. Our laces stay tight and provide great support no matter what your kids throw at them.

They are tough

Our laces were made to hold up to the longest, harshest races on earth so we are confident they will even hold up to children. All of us with kids know how rough kids can be on their shoes and shoelaces but with Xtenex you can rest assured our shoe laces will stay strong.