Many people are making the crossover from city running to trail running without full knowledge of how a quality pair of elastic shoelaces can help them. Trail running in most cases provides a more challenging workout and better scenery but it also increases the rate of injury in runners. Trail runners are more prone from everything from blisters to rolled ankles. This makes it essential that you take the necessary precautions to keep your body healthy while trail running.

Many people who begin trail running do not realize that their basic city running shoe with cotton laces will not provide the support they need while running over rocks and uneven terrain. Basic cotton laces that come in most running shoes do not flex or give when you are stepping on rocks and uneven ground causing your feet to take the full force of each step and making you more prone to discomfort and injury.

Our elastic laces stretch and give when you run making them perfect for trail running. Unlike cotton laces Xtenex laces allow your foot and shoes to stretch and form to whatever you step on. When you are trail running this makes a huge difference and goes a long way in preventing the most typical trail running injuries such as runner’s toe, chafing, blisters, and even sprained ankles.

If you are making the transition to trail running we want you to stay safe and comfortable so make sure you do it with a pair of Xtenex elastic shoelaces.