So you bought a pair of Xtenex elastic laces and decided to take the plunge into foot comfort and top-level performance but now what? Our laces are like nothing most people have ever seen so we get a lot of questions on how to use them properly. We decided to do a post on exactly how to use your laces to eliminate any confusion.

The first thing you will notice when you get a pair of our laces is that they appear to be covered in knots. You are actually right. The inner core of our laces is a strong piece of rubber that is strategically knotted to prevent slipping between your shoe’s eyelets.

To lace the shoes grab the tip of the lace securely in one hand and thread it through the eyelet at the bottom of your shoe just like you would with a normal lace. Next grab from the opposite side of the lace and stretch it.

While the lace is stretched pull the knotted lace through the eyelets of your shoe. Make sure to set the adjustment for a light tension but not too tight. Gently release the tension of the lace to secure the desired fit.

Repeat this process until the shoe is fully laced. The lacing process may take a little getting used to. We always recommend lacing the shoe loose to start and tightening as needed.

Lastly there is the question of what to do with any extra length of lace. The simple solution is to just leave it hang. But you can also knot it, tuck it, or even knot it and cut off the excess elastic laces.