As a crossfit athlete you work hard in the gym and you deserve the best equipment there is but, most crossfit athletes never stop to realize the benefit of elastic shoelaces. A lot of crossfit athletes have the proper shoes for the sport but have failed to realize their basic cotton laces could be holding them back from making the gains they want.

When training or competing in crossfit you are constantly using great amounts of strength, balance and body control. In most crossfit exercises (excluding the ever painful hand stand push-ups) all of your strength balance and power starts with your feet. There is at times a lot of added stress on your feet and a pair of Xtenex elastic laces can really help everything from balance to injury prevention.

Think about it: When you are doing a set of hang cleans there is a lot of pressure on your feet. If you are wearing a pair of cheap cotton laces all that pressure will torque the laces down on your feet causing pain in the outer foot and not allowing your foot to spread out naturally, to provide balance.

Our laces are made with elastic, which will expand when pressure is applied to allow your feet to move the way they were intended to, while still providing all the support you need for even the most difficult exercises.

Try a pair of Xtenex elastic shoelaces during your training and see the huge difference they will make. We are confident you will love them so much you will be using them in your next competition.