Athletes of all levels are seeing increased performance by simply switching to our elastic running laces. We’ve had everyone from Olympians to Iron Man competitors tell us how our laces have helped them both in training and competitions. However, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to see increased performance when switching to our running laces. Here are a couple benefits that athletes of all levels could see when switching to a pair of our laces:

Improved Running From

Many athletes, especially young ones, will benefit greatly from our laces because they promote proper running form. Our laces are designed to work with the natural ergonomics of your feet. The superior technology of our elastic laces allows a snug and even fit in your shoes, which allows your feet to strike the ground with maximum force while cushioning the blow to allow for pain free natural running form. Many runners have sacrificed form over the years do to foot pain that is caused from wearing regular cotton laces.

Less Pain and Reduced Risk of Injury

Runners of all levels, from high school to the professional level, will likely experience foot pain at some point in their running career. As all runners know maintaining their foot health is essential to their running career. By switching to our laces many amateur and elite runners alike have experienced reduced foot pain and less foot injuries by switching from cotton laces and even plain elastic laces to a pair of our knotted elastic running laces.